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         Back in 2013, my husband and I opened our first restaurant together. We met great people, served great food and worked our hardest to keep each customer happy! Except.. it wasn't long until we both noticed our calling was private dinners and elaborate events. Between my eye for decor and flowers, and his talent in being super handy and project managing, we are unstoppable. Our main goal for each event is to provide a unique experience for some of the most memorable moments in our lives! It is important to mention that NONE of this was planned. It took lots of sleepless nights, creators block and tons of trials and tribulations to  get to the level we are today. While our portfolio has grown over the last few years, from intimate to extravagant weddings, we have learned that we are capable of bringing any dream to life.    

         After all of these years, Cristobal is the brains and I am the heart of all our projects. He can build anything your mind can imagine, and I can make it feel like yours. As is with any "healthy obsession", we also make sure to take time away from event planning. We travel, spend quality time with our families, and keep our faith strong as can be. And because of this, we hope our love for each other, life and our two beautiful daughters has transcended in each of our events.

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